Bachelor in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management

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The Bachelor of Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management is designed to develop first-rate professionals and is organized to maximize field exposure to master the skills of culinary arts. Students will gain valuable hands-on experience through apprenticeships under the supervision of professionals and dedicated mentors. Kitchen class sizes are limited to a maximum of 12 allowing for closer interaction with the tutors and increasing student confidence and achievement. Future graduates will become knowledgeable in the most recent techniques and culinary trends enabling them to set new standards and help restaurants and culinary businesses reach new heights.

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Responsable pédagogique : Joseph CHÉHAB

Langue d'enseignement : Anglais

Admission Pour plus de détails sur l'admission, visitez la section Admission au 1er cycle
Prérequis Baccalauréat (y compris les formations techniques, sur équivalence)
Première annéeSemestre 1

Matières obligatoires

Art de la table | The Art of Service

Bureautique | Office Automation

Droit du travail et sécurité sociale | Labor Law and Social Security

Food Preparation I

Hygiène et sécurité | Hygiene and Safety

Introduction à l'hôtellerie et à la restauration | Introduction to Hospitality and Food and Beverage Industries

Introduction to Mixology and Cocktails

Management I

Oenologie | Oenology

Pastry I

Probabilités et statistiques | Probability and Statistics

Protocole et étiquette | Business Etiquette and Protocol

Semestre 2

Matières obligatoires

Comptabilité générale | Financial Accounting

Diététique | Dietetics

Food Preparation II

Gestion opérationnelle en restauration | Operational Management in Food and Beverage

Introduction au marketing | Introduction to Marketing

Pastry II

Product Knowledge

Sales and Communication Skills

Deuxième annéeSemestre 3

Matières obligatoires

Apprenticeship II

Banquet and Catering Operations and Management

Food and Beverage Tasting and Pairing

Food Preparation III

Fundamentals of Hospitality Managerial Accounting

Kitchen and Restaurant Infrastructure Design

Lebanese Cuisine

Management II

Operational Training - USJ Events I

Pastry III

Spirits and Cigars

Semestre 4

Matières obligatoires

Apprenticeship III

Banquet and Catering Project

Bread Baking

Cooking from Around the World

Dietetic Cooking


Matières optionnelles

Comportement du consommateur | Consumer Behavior


Photographie culinaire | Food Photography

Social Networking for Business

Total Quality Management

Troisième annéeSemestre 5

Matières obligatoires

Cost Control

Culinary Concept Planning (Project) - Part I

Gastronomic and A La Carte Cuisine

Introduction to Food Design for Restaurants

Operational Training - USJ Events II

Prévision de ventes | Sales Forecasting

Purchasing and Procurement Management

Vacuum Cuisine


Matières optionnelles

Basic French

Echantillonnage et analyse de données | Sampling and Data Analysis

Emotional Intelligence

International Hospitality Market Trends

Politique de distribution | Distribution

Techniques de négociation | Negotiation Skills

Semestre 6

Matières obligatoires

Culinary Concept Planning (Project) - Part II

Operational Internship II

Operational Training - USJ Events III

Quatrième annéeSemestre 7

Matières obligatoires

Apprenticeship I

Operational Internship I (Apprenticeship IV)