Business Fashion

This course will give an overview of the commercial side of the Fashion world. From the beginning: choosing or producing the products, till selling them to the final customer passing by the pricing and promotion of the products. Based on researches, case studies and some lectures, students will be able to understand and learn how a fashion company works.

Temps présentiel : 17.5 heures

Charge de travail étudiant : 32.5 heures

Méthode(s) d'évaluation : Participation et assiduité, Travail personnel, Examen final

Référence :
Toby Meadows, How to set up and run a Fashion label Mike Easey, Fashion Marketing ,Third edition U. Okonkwo, Luxury Fashion Branding

Mar 12/02/201918:00 - 19:15CST-IGE-2-11
Jeu 21/02/201918:00 - 19:15CST-IGE-2-11
Jeu 28/02/201918:00 - 19:15CST-IGE-2-11
Jeu 07/03/201918:00 - 19:15CST-IGE-2-11
Jeu 14/03/201918:00 - 19:15CST-IGE-2-11
Jeu 21/03/201918:00 - 19:15CST-IGE-2-11
Mar 26/03/201909:00 - 10:30CST-Amphithéâtre Jean Ducruet-0-Salle annexe
Jeu 11/04/201916:30 - 17:45CST-IGE-2-11
Jeu 11/04/201918:00 - 19:15CST-IGE-2-11
Jeu 09/05/201918:00 - 19:15CST-IGE-2-11
Mer 15/05/201916:30 - 17:45CST-IGE-2-11
Mer 15/05/201918:00 - 19:15CST-IGE-2-11
Ven 31/05/201908:00 - 10:00CST-IGE-0-01
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