Packaging Techniques

This course will provide students with a comprehensive insight into the design and creation of packaging as it forms an essential part of the product branding process. The many different ways by which brands come to be packaged will be investigated from initial research to developing brand concept, through to execution of the design idea and finally, production of the packaging itself. The course initiates students to the concept of art as an evolution of social ideas and values Packaging and its design is no longer merely concerned with the need to contain and protect a product. Packaging has become more sophisticated as a result and today plays a key part in the brand communication process and has a great impact in differentiating and ultimately achieving the goals of a brand. Students will explore the main elements to consider when creating a package for a product. The dynamic relationship between packaging and branding, the design process, market research, design approaches, form and design, ergonomics, surface graphics (typography, color, illustration, photography etc.), material and print finishing. Sustainable packaging will also be studied. A combination of traditional hand skills such as straight edges, drafting, illustration and drawing and digital skills such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are essential for producing most projects.

Temps présentiel : 17.5 heures

Charge de travail étudiant : 32.5 heures

Méthode(s) d'évaluation : Participation et assiduité, Travail personnel, Projets

Référence :
http://www.cerig.pagora.grenoble-inp.fr http://www.itc-packaging.fr http://www.genie-alimentaire.com http://www.infotpa.gret.org http://www.industrie.com ---, The Art of Packaging Design, Sandu Publishing ---, Brand Thinking and Other Noble Pursuits ---, The Big Book of Packaging ---, Packaging the brand : The Relationship Between Packaging Design and Brand Identity ---, Eco Packaging Design

Jeu 07/02/201911:00 - 12:15CST-IGE-2-13
Jeu 21/02/201911:00 - 12:15CST-IGE-2-13
Jeu 28/02/201911:00 - 12:15CST-IGE-2-13
Jeu 07/03/201911:00 - 12:15CST-IGE-2-13
Jeu 14/03/201913:30 - 14:45CST-IGE-2-13
Jeu 21/03/201911:00 - 12:15CST-IGE-2-13
Jeu 04/04/201911:00 - 12:15CST-IGE-2-13
Jeu 11/04/201911:00 - 12:15CST-IGE-2-13
Jeu 02/05/201911:00 - 12:15CST-IGE-2-13
Jeu 09/05/201911:00 - 12:15CST-IGE-2-13
Mer 15/05/201916:30 - 17:45CST-IGE-2-13
Jeu 07/02/201909:30 - 10:45CST-IGE-2-14
Jeu 21/02/201909:30 - 10:45CST-IGE-2-14
Jeu 28/02/201909:30 - 10:45CST-IGE-2-14
Jeu 07/03/201909:30 - 10:45CST-IGE-2-14
Mar 12/03/201908:00 - 09:15CST-IGE-2-14
Jeu 21/03/201909:30 - 10:45CST-IGE-2-14
Jeu 04/04/201909:30 - 10:45CST-IGE-2-14
Jeu 11/04/201909:30 - 10:45CST-IGE-2-14
Jeu 02/05/201909:30 - 10:45CST-IGE-2-14
Jeu 09/05/201909:30 - 10:45CST-IGE-2-14
Mer 15/05/201918:00 - 19:15CST-IGE-2-14
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